Welcome to Summair Sports Club

Summair Sports Club is located in the heart of Jamnagar. This club is an 80 years old institution. The club bears its name after Shri Summairsinhji, Late Maharaja of Jodhpur. The foundation stone of the club was laid on 12th April, 1929 by Maharaja Lakhdhirsinji of Morvi in the august presence of the rulers of Nawanagar and Wankaner states. The management of the club was completely handed over to the members through the election of the Executive Committee in 1969 (view the past secretary / presidents).

The aim of the club has, since the beginning, been the development of sports and to cultivate a sporting culture amongst the citizens of Jamnagar. Over the years the club has developed and diversified its activities to include cultural events. The club has its own guest house consisting of 8 well furnished and luxurious rooms and a conference hall capable of accommodating approximately 80 to 100 persons. Future plans include building an open air theatre.